Third week.

It really snuck up on me.  I sat down to read my e-mail after class today, and I still thought it was second week.  Sometimes ten week classes seem really long, and sometimes they’re really short.

This quarter, they hardly seem to exist at all…

Don’t worry Moom I’m not slacking off.  I simply have two first-year courses and one that is completely focused around memorizing things and enjoying myself.  (That last would be the acting class, by the way.)

Anyway.  Partly it has to do with my new freedom.  You know, that little insignificant thing where I get to LEAVE CAMPUS and NOT COME BACK until the next day.  They don’t tell you how good it is because they never want you to have it.

Anyway.  New project!


(Still working out my new WordPress photo issues…uhm, yes.)  This lovely yarn is a gift from Amanda.  I’ve been coveting it to the best of my ability.  It is becoming a half-sweater.  However, The more I look at it the more disappointed I am that I didn’t use a lace pattern.  I keep telling myself that I’ll love it either way, but…we’ll see.  Nothing wrong with a little frogging to get your blood up.

One other project…


Oh okay I see how it goes.  Stupid WordPress!!  One photo can be as full-sized as it wants, and the other stays thumbnail and gets blurry when I try to make it larger?  Grargh!

Anyway…tape and steel are installed.  Now I need:


–A grommet setter (time to scour the costume shop)

–An edging.

5 Responses to “Third week.”

  1. Amanda Says:

    pretty pretty!!! I want one!!! haha. i would…

  2. Dog Mom Says:

    #1 will be gorgeous, regardless of lace or “other” – the color combo is exquisite!
    #2 looks like sheer torture…

  3. kayak woman Says:

    you *should* be able to resize any photo you upload. I want to upgrade you to WP 2.5, which has more comprehensive photo-handling in general, but it doesn’t seem to be available quite yet at your host. I’ll watch for it and upgrade you when it arrives.

  4. Valdemort Says:

    Arggity blarggity blarrrrrrrrhghh.

    I need this semester to be OVER. I’m reviewing a group proposal due in one of my classes and some of my group totally dropped the ball on some basic aspects of science writing — a.k.a. proper citations, not generalizing flawed concepts, stuff like that.

    I’m freaking out, I haven’t even added my part in yet, and I’m editing this before I even allow my stuff to integrate.

    How’re you?

  5. Valdemort Says:

    BTW . . . corset? Wow.

    (And I still owe you sock pictures. I’ll get on that as soon as this freak show of a paper’s turned in.)

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