Boredom vs. Creativity

Last night after my second (!!) post, I decided that I needed a laptop case. I’d been carting it around between the folds of this nice blue fabric, so I figured that it was time I actually did something to put order into my life.


This is the result. There are a few things that could stand tweaking, but now I know for next time.

I machine quilted a double layer of polyester batting between two pieces of blue fabric. I added approximately 1 3/8″ to each side, and an additional 2 3/8″ to the length on each end.

Next I folded the whole thing double and sewed the seams. I cut strips on the bias, attached them to the sides, then folded them over to encase the seams. Finally, I used more bias stips to even out the opening edge (shown on the right).

in retrospect, I would have finished off the open edges before I sewed the side seams. It would have been a neater finish. Also, I want to make some with handles…


Also, here is a close-up of the fabric. I used it wrong-side out, the difference being that the right side is shiny (until you machine wash it).


And now I’m going back to ignoring the rude approach of tomorrow’s SIP preparation meeting…

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