Still alive!! Still knitting!!

I somehow have a lot of during-week time commitments, but also a surprising amount of free time. My classes don’t seem to be that intensive so far, despite a rather deceptive attempt on the part of my psychology syllabus.

I have the windows open, and my oven still does not work. Someone should be by to fix it within the next few days, and then I am going to immediately make cookies. Yes.

I’m having a long and somewhat boring weekend, and I’m not complaining. I keep thinking about trying to decorate, but it doesn’t help that I’ve left everything in the world at home. “Everything in the world” would include at least four books, a hammer, drafting triangles, erasers, a giant skirt I had no idea I would need, and…well, a lot of other things that I think about in passing and then forget to write down.

Also, I would just like to point out (as I do each time) the size of these socks. If you’re planning to ask me what He-Whose-Footsize-Must-Not-Be-Named (*coughcough 11*) did to deserve my continuous sock-making services when we both know very well that the result is composed of an average of 35,000 stitches per pair…

He wore out all the others I’ve made for him.

Go ahead. Just try to make an argument for the contrary. God knows I did.

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  1. Dog Momster Says:

    You *DO* make wonderful socks – I’m always happy to wear my pair!!! 😀

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