The home I’m leaving…

At approximately 23:55 hours, assuming that

a) I make it to the airport at all considering that many of the main roads are closed for this week’s Islamic conference

b) the plane actually leaves tonight

c) I don’t carry out my continuous threats to

1. hide in the refrigerator, leaving my family with the instruction of denying my existence (Mouse? We don’t know any Mouse. She doesn’t live here. Sorry, what? No toubabs here…)

2. Trade identities with Ernestine; I’ll go to the hospital to do her work and she’ll take my ticket. I’ll instruct my friends to inform all personnel that she can’t speak English because she’s a deaf mute who can’t write

3. refuse to leave

Or at least, all that would be fine and dandy if not for one little thing…

I want my mouse. I guess I’ll have to suck it up and swallow my pride. Anyway, I did go through all the trouble of packing and trying to dispose of my possessions (I’m notoriously awful at that last bit). Okay fine I’m resigned. Anyway, I’m going to pack Ernestine in my valise, Mamichou in my backpack, and Nala in my handbag. The others are going to crawl into the pockets of my luggage.

See you on the other side!!

7 Responses to “The home I’m leaving…”

  1. Sam Says:

    Travel safely, wandering Mouse….

  2. Amanda Says:

    HOLY CRAP YOU’RE COMING HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    LESS THAN 24 HOURS!!!!

  3. Your Squeaky Says:

    squeak! squeak! I love you!

  4. kayak woman Says:

    me too. See you soon.

  5. Dog Momster Says:

    Miss you, Mouse! We need to figure out how to get you & V & Nook (at least) and maybe even me and you parental units together for a big ol’ time of trading travel stories (that would be you & your cousins who’ve done all that thar travelling…)

  6. lizard Says:

    *bounce, bounce*

    Mouse is coming home!!!!!!!

  7. Valdemort Says:


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