I live in a country where it’s possible to go anywhere and have a place to stay. Eight people on my program went to eight different rural villages to stay for eight days each, and if I wanted to visit any one of them I would feel comfortable calling any of those people and asking.

I travelled through the Gambia and upon leaving called my aunt in Kaolack (in the middle of the work day); she picked me up at the station and lodged me like a queen. I wanted to see that branch of my family before leaving.

This morning I said goodbye to Miriam/Nala, the six-year-old who made me feel comfortable in my house the first night (and who “taught me to wash dishes”).

This afternoon I made my last drive *into Dakar*.

I have four days left to go to the markets, speak in Wolof, see the people I know, and spend time with my host family.

This whole “leaving” thing is really a bit much for me.

At this point I am resigned to the fact that I’m going. I may not have come to terms with it yet, but I’ve accepted it. There are things that I miss (just don’t ask what they are because apart from people I’m not sure that I remember what they are), so I’m trying to look forward to the good parts.

I am sensible enough and intelligent enough to recognize that as much as my time here has been good, I could not stay here longer unless I were to have more of a life here. More studies, a job, more Sénégalese friends… I’ve been getting restless since the program ended (apart from the travel time), and I am grateful that I have had the down time to be restless and less busy/integrated.

Anyhow. Onward, and…upward??

4 Responses to “Home…?”

  1. Amanda Says:

    aw! enjoy the rest of your stay! and travel safely! and call me as soon as you’re back in ann arbor!!!! (if you could call me when you’re about an hour away then i can come in from my grandparents if you wanna get together right away. i have presents!)

  2. lizard Says:

    oh mousey, I hope you enjoy the four days you have left. You need to call me as soon as you get here. Yes you do.

    Oh, funny story, I ran into Moom the other day, and I met your aunt (on your dad’s side). Ok, well, it wasn’t really a funny story, but it was a story.

    I love you much! and I miss you!

  3. Your Squeaky Says:

    Squeek Squeek! You miss me, don’t you? squeak squeek

    Your Mousey

  4. Sneak Says:

    yay it’s coming home soon!!

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