How many people can you feed with those?

Giant Fish on Cart, brought to you by City on Coast of Presque-île. I wouldn’t want to swim with those.

This should be my last post for about a week; tomorrow morning I plan to leave Dakar in the early hours to go East. I’ll be spending a one or two days in each of Tambacounda, Kédougou (near the Guinean border), Georgetown (in the Gambia), and Kaolack. Go look them up on a map. This is all subject to change depending on cost, roads, availability of transport, etc.

I promise to avoid the Tsetse flies, and have a good weekend!

2 Responses to “How many people can you feed with those?”

  1. Amanda Says:

    what day are you coming home and when?
    have fun traveling!
    and holy crap, those are HUGE fish!

  2. Valdemort Says:

    At least they’re not Coelacanth! We were debating in GLG 304 lecture one day if lobe-finned fishes would taste terrible or not. Ray-finned fishes == yummmm.

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