One, two, three, LIST!

(Okay, with a title like that I either have to provide a list or we all have to tilt slightly to the left.)

1) I have classes. School, I’m laughing at you.

2) I have a lot of fabric. (Uhm…yeah. About that…)

3) I have (in the very near future) a mortar and pestle.

4) I have to make travel plans.

5) I have ONLY 13 DAYS LEFT. Quick, don’t talk about it!

6) I posted this yesterday, but it got eaten. Go figure; it’s lodged somewhere in a Senegalese cybercafe.

7) *tilts slightly to the left*

5 Responses to “One, two, three, LIST!”

  1. Amanda Says:

    oh! Where are you going to travel?!?!?! yay traveling!

  2. lizard Says:

    you could be talking about Franz Lizst, the composer….

  3. Grace Says:

    it’s a nervous tick motion of the head to the left

  4. Emma Says:

    Ah, back to school! I’ll miss your adventures.

  5. Valdemort Says:

    Heheheheheh #7.


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