I have housing!!

It doesn’t even matter that my proxy didn’t show up to register me…I have an apartment!! Rather than employing my time in a desperate cycle of worrying about housing followed by berating myself for wasting my time worrying about housing, I am now free to grouch away at the Kalamazoo registrar who are not answering my e-mails. I kind of need them to clear me so that I can, you know, have classes when I come home…

If they never do that, am I free to stay here through the end of the year? *wink wink*

5 Responses to “I have housing!!”

  1. grace Says:

    Mouse! Blog!

  2. lizard Says:

    no, you are not allowed to stay there until the rest of the year… I miss my mousey!

  3. grace Says:

    A swarm of knitters and a great many socks (I’m wearing yours today… so warm. It’s 10 degrees out… Fahrenheit!)

  4. Amanda Says:

    Two things:

    1 – Noro Kuryon sock yarn. EEEK!!!!!

    2 – I have short hair.

    That is all.

    miss you and love you!


  5. Goose Says:

    My mom was called as a reference for your apartment and spoke highly of you. How little she knows…

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