I am so not posting today.

No, seriously. I am going to bed in just a minute. I don’t know if it’s 10:15 or 11:15, but I honestly don’t care in the first place. Just ask the muscles in my hip joints how they feel about sitting down.

Actually, don’t do that or your life might be in danger. Every time I sit down wrong my legs fall completely and painfully asleep, and my hip joints seize up from all the standing.

Well, standing and dancing that is. I’ll post a thorough rundown of Bonnaroo sometime in the next week, but for now:


This is what I look like* after three days in the sneaky, clinging, unmanageable Tennesee dirt in 90 degree weather. Six (or so) layers of sunscreen, ten million layers of sweat, innumerable plasterings of clay-filled dirt, dust, plant matter, smoke, and filthy water.


Okay, I should probably admit that I look like that normally.

(“That” being equal to ridiculous, I know. And I should probably make a disclaimer that the above statement is in no way meant to be connected to my bathing habits. In all truthfullness, I was by far one of the cleanest people there.)

*I am now clean. Blissfully, painfully clean. I have no idea how long it took, but my fingernails are the proper color (!), my hair feels like hair and not straw (!), and layers of greasy dirt no longer can be scraped off the surface off of my skin (!).

5 Responses to “I am so not posting today.”

  1. gg Says:


  2. frooogy Says:

    grok grok grok. get over yerself. grok grok grok. i mean the gg, not mouse. mouse rocks! grok grok grook frgok

  3. SNEAK Says:

    hey moose.

  4. schaff Says:

    i am pretty sure that schaff is sheep in german.

    i miss you! germany is cool… i bought german colors sock yarn hahahaha, the perfect knitterly german find.

    now i am going to watch the wm game (go argentina!)

  5. Momster Says:

    …will she ever post again??

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