Sweater Weather

I wore a cotton sweater for approximately half the day today. I even joined the Sénégalese is calling it cold. I’m impressed.

There was some ridiculously hot weather the other week, but suddenly things have settled down into their usual pattern. Showering is not really my cup of tea at the moment, but you eventually just do what you have to and try not to grow icicles while you’re at it.

Have I mentioned that the only warm bathing sessions I have were in the village?? It was great! Aissatou heated water for my bucket showers. I could do that in Dakar too, but my sulkiness in response to the cold is not outdone by the work effort involved in the water-heating process. So, freezing showers it is.

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  1. Kelsey Says:

    Have you solved your housing issues yet? If not, I’m 90% sure mine have changed — Alyssa’s quitting the RA gig — and I had a few leads on rooms for rent that could be just for spring quarter, one of which sounded really really amazing and which isn’t an option for me. Let me know (via email), and if you want when I email her to say “sorry, my plans changed”, I can give her your email…

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