Swallowtail, unblocked

I suppose I’ve been in a knitting slump, although I was not aware of it until I finally decided to work on something other than the Azalea Shawl. I’d made a few socks, but my brain was getting tired. Finally, I pulled out some laceweight and cast on.

Two days was easily enough to make Swallowtail. It was like a cold shower, which sounds fantastic about now. Have I mentioned that it’s getting hot again??

The only problem is that I used a US 3, and I’m not sure it’s quite large enough. Not for my host mother, anyhow. I’ll see what happens with blocking, I suppose. In the time since I have started another shawl. It’s about halfway done, but I’ll save it for tomorrow.

*cough cough still can’t figure out how to post multiple photos from flickr and too lazy to edit later*

And the housing search continues.

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