How efficient!!

(Before the actual post though, the man next to me in the cybercaf√ɬ© is singing loudly and smacking his lips with obnoxious frequency. It may not sound like much, but I’m about ready to turn around and cuff him about the head and shoulders until he stops. At least he’s not watching porn. Okay, onward.)

I’m new at housing searches. I’m just starting to figure out prices and different types of units and Obnoxious Realtors and all that good stuff. My latest discovery, which is sort of embarrassing because I probably should have known about it before, is that there are “efficiency” units available. Studio/efficiency…it just never occurred to me.

The word “efficiency” makes me giggle a little bit. I was digging through my pictures and thinking about housing and it occured to me that nothing could be more minimalist-and efficient-than a power line. It’s too bad I don’t have wings and can’t live off eating worms.

Unless you count flying bugs with day-long lifecycles, because they don’t need houses at all.

Unless…has anyone got a spare refrigerator box?? I could set it up outside the library and buy a little charcoal stove!! Someone bring me back to earth, please!

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