Don’t you wish your office looked like this??

My life looks like that, with a little less organization. ;D

For lack of anything better to say, at least until I find time to take pictures of the FINISHED Africa Socks and another guilty i’m-sick-of-giant-pink-shawls project, here is an excerpt from my latest e-mail to my family:

“I have a new friend and skin parasite. His name is Albert, and he’s been renting living space on my back. We’re not getting along very well; he doesn’t like to clean and he’s making me itch. He never signed a contract either, making him a squatter. When I noticed him I thought he might be in the process of moving out, but then he decided that he has the liberty to take over more space which is definitely not true. Ringworm is so pretentious. Now I’ve got his fungus-y number and he’ll be out withing the week, Inchallah.”

Is anyone else amused that I’ve sunk to the level of skin parasites for blog fodder??

2 Responses to “Don’t you wish your office looked like this??”

  1. Amanda Says:

    ew. ew. ewewewewew. yuck.

    but hey, how are you?

    um.. Florence… insane, right? and i have to have a theatre prof. as my thesis adviser. i did not know that was decided on. the things that happen while you’re away… anyway. yeah. it’s coooooold today. enjoy africa. love you

  2. kayak woman Says:

    1) That big pink shawl wouldn’t be *my* unfinished one, would it ? 😉 If so, don’t worry about finishing it soon. Actually, I think I’ve said this before but I’ve been “borrowing” (carefully) your shawls to wear to work in the cold weather. The tech woman/fiber artists all absolutely love your work!

    2) I think you should actually put that whole dead aminal mass email out here. It was great! I’m thinking of doing my own post in that direction one of these days.

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