I’d rather be walking toward this sunset again, thanks very much.

I could turn the act of stressing oneself out into a profession, as it seems to be what I do best. One of the most amazing thing about Sénégalese culture is that there are very few opportunities during which one can engage in such an act. Until…now.

It’s a shame that the idea of Going Home has to be present for the end of my stay here, because I’d really much rather not have to deal with it. I think the worst thing about study abroad at Kalamazoo is having to face another quarter of school, while you’re out of the country and can’t prepare for it in advance.

I have my classes more-or-less planned, but if I’m going to do a theatre performance SIP (large project equivalent to a senior thesis) I have to have a proposal ready by the end of April. That sounds like a lot of time but…I have no access to scripts. No books, and only so much time and money to waste in the cybercafé. That’s just the first stress-inducing factor.

My most pressing disaster is that my housing plans for spring sort of…uhm…collapsed in a giant heap of disastrous non-existence followed by my intended roommate ditching me. So. Uhm. Kalamazoo has to house me somehow, right?

Those are the two biggest concerns for the time, although I’m sure that I’ll continue to gather them with some sort of freakish black hole-like effect until my hair stands on end and my teeth ache. Life as usual.

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  1. kayak woman Says:

    they had better house you for all the money we’re paying. and i won’t say what else i think about the situation! :-(

  2. Amanda Says:

    sorry about the roommate fiasco! that’s no fun. I was pretty freaked for awhile, I know the feeling. and oh man, senior project/thesis thing… eek! I have to find my adviser this week and “discuss” with the theatre department why I want an adviser that’s not a professor in the theatre department… gotta love them getting bitchy about majors not wanting to write their thesis with a department faculty… hrm. anyway, you can do it! it’ll be okay!
    oh, and I started MS3 last night…. i’m in love. I did the whole first chart, which isn’t much, but still exciting yay!
    i miss you and love you and happy knitting!!!!

  3. Dog Momster Says:

    Hey, Mouse, sorry about the roomie situation…. and I can’t even come up with a reasonable solution that wouldn’t involve a LOOOOOONG commute from Grand Blanc or a not-so-long commute from Val’s dorm in GaWBA-Land (if she could even sneak you in without anyone noticing 😉 ).

    Roommate woes….FIE ON THEM!!!

  4. Amanda Says:

    so… um… i might go to Florence for 5 weeks… may 15th to june 21st… am i insane? cause i’m kind of really excited…

  5. mouse Says:

    thanks for the tea and sympathy, all. FIE ON THEM is right!!

  6. Pooh Says:

    You may have already resolved housing situation by now. I hope so.

    My last semester as a Moo U undergrad was a summer term at the biological station at Gull Lake. The women’s dorm was originally W. K. Kellog’s mansion. The first floor retained some of the charm of the original, the second floor was the dorm rooms, so not as charming, and the third floor had a huge institutional bathroom lined with urinals. I think it was a VA rehab center after WWII or something not in the original Kellogg house plans. Gull Lake is somewhat close to Kalamazoo, which is why I was reminded of it.

  7. Valdemort Says:

    I’d offer up my dorm room here in teh EL except for the long commutes, and you’d probably hate me after a week because of my sleeping/studying habits.

    I know this is an old entry, but I’m terrible with correspondence anymore and just wanted to see if things have been resolved!

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