Hey all,

Everything is going well here, even if I’m quiet.  I spent a week in a village being force-fed by a crazy (yet lovely) woman, and now I am in the process of organizing some things related to school in the spring.

I am also putting together my final projects for the Sénégal program, which actually takes a fair amount of time.  Even if a lot of that is waiting time.

Expect to hear from with with some pictures in the next few days!!

2 Responses to “Hey all,”

  1. Valdemort Says:

    MISS YOU!!!!!!

  2. Amanda Says:

    boo Albert. I got your message, it made my day. I was in class/ working out when you called and my phone wasn’t getting signal. but it was still wonderful! I started MS3 today. I’m in love. it’s soooooo pretty! haha. I’m using the light green Fino… yes, i’m a yarn copy-cat. i started my directing class this week, so that’ll be fun. i’m excited. i’m not sure which Ibson scene to do, but I’ll figure something out. I need to find a third scene that may be a comedy, but i’m not sure. yay finding scenes!

    how are things in africa? i miss you and love you and can’t wait for you to come home!
    love you

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