What are you doing with *your* weekend??

I, personally, am doing a lot of nothing. Let me tell you, it feels wonderful. It all started yesterday with excellent schedule that does not include classes. I slept in, then walked around in search of fried dough balls. Specifically, the ones on the way to the university that contain coconut shavings and have a sugar coating. I just happened to find a manageably-sized piece of a car rapide lying next to the road, so naturally I collected it. Photos to come.

I spent the rest of the morning drinking tea at the Baobab Center, finishing the Brea Bag (Once again, photos to come. I do miss Emily the Yarn Duck.) and listening to my friend as she discovered that the new kid across the table was actually the kid who unstacked her blocks in kindergarden, and who collected frog eggs from the pond in third grade. How strange, to find your block unstacker ten years later and 4,000 miles from home. I thought it was strange to find a Rotary scholar from the U of M…

We also went to the beach yesterday. Think about it for a minute, and bask in the glory that is January. (Go look at http://elizilla.com and scroll down a bit to see the new years blizzard that describes my home right now. Incidentally, that’s my sister’s new blog.) It’s a little bit difficult to stomach, until you just stop thinking about the date and the season. I wouldn’t object to some mail-ordered snow.

As for today?? I slept late, ate a lot of snacks, and read books. I’ve started Catch 22, which is good so far. (Aside to The Master Of The Universe, it reminds me of you.) I was planning to read for a while in the afternoon before going out on a walk, but unfortunately I was smothered by the cuff of the first Africa Sock, and passed out cold for three hours. Erm…so that’s my day. Week-end. Yes.

The photo was taken just outside of Oussouye; a small village in the Basse-Casamance region.

I shall leave you with a list of the funniest search terms on my stats page:
> how are vitamins suppose to be packed in luggage
> sheep mouse
> genius losing my mind
> how many mice do you get in a nest
> mice nest size needed
> chieck amadou bamba*
> mouse mouse mouse mouse mouse mouse mouse mouse mouse mouse mouse mouse mouse mouse mouse mouse mouse

*Cheick Amadou Bamba is basically the Jesus of Sénégal. He is the central figure of the Mouride brotherhood, and of the Baye Fall. I’m sure that he’s on Wikipedia, if you’re curious.

4 Responses to “What are you doing with *your* weekend??”

  1. kayak woman Says:

    “How are vitamins suppose to be packed in luggage” hahahahahahahahahaha! I remember telling an absolutely *incredulous* Monday Coffee Buddy about how your vitamins were packed. [tears of laughter remembering that whole conversation]

    Emily misses you too. Squeaky is really just fine in the plastic bag. She’s warm in there and there is an air bottle and Crismus Mouse is in there too.

    What is a “car rapide”?

  2. kayak woman Says:

    Oh (sorry to comment *again*) we have no snow here now. It mostly melted last weekend and it was 60 or so on Tuesday and it has rained torrentially off and on all week. Loverly weather we’re having here, my dear. :-)

    I’m gonna post pics of what we did *last* night. Today, I did a big grocery run, cooked, cleaned, and messed around on the computer. Boring and fun.

  3. Sneak Says:

    which is hard to stomach? the weather, or my blog?

  4. mouse Says:

    Just for that you get to guess ;D

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