Guerilla Frogs and UFOs

Thanks to my father…

I have no idea where he finds these things.

Contemporary knitting language really is quite innovative.  I became aware of it when I started reading knitting blogs, sometime in January 2004.  Up until that point I was only aware of programs like Livejournal, for which I upheld the greatest degree of disdain, considering the kind of nonsense high schoolers write “journals” about.  I can’t remember what suddenly made me aware that there were specialized blogs out there that had Subjects, but one day I decided to see if knitting blogs existed.

They did!!  I was kind of embarrassed to admit that I was reading them at first, but after a while they were so useful and funny that I forgot that I’d ever found the habit strange.  As a veteran, I remember the minor confusion at terms like “frogging” (taking the needles out of your project and ripping it out; “rip it, rip it”), and “UFOs” (UnFinished Objects), but word gets around pretty quickly.  At that point, there was a set of main knit bloggers who often referred to each other in entries.*  The network was large, but not *that* large.  The blogs I read often referred to Back In The Day when the knitting blogring was tiny, and you could read them all if you wanted to.

I’ve never really been a commentor, but I am still faithful to many of the blogs I started with.  I haven’t been able to read any since I’ve been in Sénégal, but I fully intend to catch up once I’m home in the states with “Real Internet”.  Ah, luxury.

P.S., the fabric in the last entry is a cotton.  The pattern shows up because of the weave in the fabric. 

* I still think it’s really cool how you can pick our circles of bloggers who know each other and have become friends through the network.  I myself am not communicative enough to really fit into that, but I like it.  It’s like the Human Knot game that I play with children in theatre.

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  1. kayak woman Says:

    My friend Marsha (work, not neighbor) was talking about an article in the A2 Snooze about some sort of sock-knitting wars. I’m off to the grocery store, I’ll try to find it later.

  2. The Master Of The Universe Says:

    Dearest Knitter of My Socks,

    I know you liked the link. The attached link goes to the next level.


  3. Jaxypants Says:

    I read that article! Sock Wars sounded hilarious :)

    Knitblogging is a ton of fun… and I refer to you in mine every once in a while Mousie.

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