Sneaky White Lies

I don’t know when I made the rash decision not to bring any shawls to Sénégal with me, but I would dearly love to go back in time and kick myself.  They would be perfect for evening knitting here.

I suppose that two good things come out of this. Firstly, I guess I’ll be forced to go to the fabric market and bargain for some nice pashminas.  Oh, darn. Secondly I’ll have to hurry up and knit some new ones.  After all, I did bring laceweight!! (Still don’t want to talk about the stash, even while there’s a little thing called the Atlantic Ocean that currently comes between us. Stash is to knitters as malaria is to mosquitos? Hey, at least we *like* stash.)
Not that we were speaking of tailors, but speaking of tailors mine promised me my clothes for Friday and as of today they’re still not finished.  Sénégalese culture is much more relaxed about time than American, so-while frustrating-this is not unusual or problematic.  If I weren’t taking it in a slightly American fashion, the whole process would be quite fun.  We knew in advance that our things would not be ready, so we decided to fight back in advance.

Armed with a clever white lie* about how we were planning to travel this weekend, we went back four days in advance to move him along a bit.  “Yes, yes, Friday, it’s sure”.  Right.

Two trips Friday, two Saturday and two today have really made no dent.

The next step??  I’m enlisting my mother.  Don’t mess with me.
* White lies are very acceptable in Sénégalese culture.  You use them to ensure that you don’t hurt someone’s feelings by your actions, or by revealing a truth you are aware of that would hurt them.  We decided-at my host mother’s suggestion-that this was a good time to use one. Hey, if he’s going to white lie about the date of completion… It’s kind of like a complicated form of bargaining.

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  1. kayak woman Says:

    Trying again to leave the comment that got the entry deleted. I was gonna say something like:

    Say what? Oh, you must mean your *host* mother! And here I was, revving up my helicopter blades. :-)

  2. kayak woman Says:

    Yay! It “took” that time.

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