“University classes”

THey don’t exist.  No, really I’m not kidding.  We’ve already completed one credit for the course in St. Louis and our Wolof classes are finished after this week, but both of those are through the Baobab Center.  Also through the Baobab Center, we have a Cultural Seminar (which is actually pretty useless due to the professor’s tendency to interrupt *constantly*) and History of Islam which is excellent.  So, that is four credits.

The fifth will come from my Integrative Cultural Research Project, for which I plan to work with a tailor.  I haven’t cleared the idea with my professor yet and I haven’t found a tailor, but I imagine that it won’t be that difficult to clear it all.

The sixth (and anything after that) will come from the university…

Classes have not started yet.  The credit for the courses comes from taking the test that comes at the end, not from actually attending the classes.  With that said I’ll still have to go because a) I’m not fluent in French and b) whatever subject I take probably won’t be something I know about.  There are student strikes at the university right now due to severe overcrowding issues in the dorms,  and nothing will really start until the 19 or so…when break starts.  We have time off between the 17:19th and the 7th or January.  After that, we’ll finally start classes.

In January, each of us spends a week in a rural village.  The program is finished in February, after which I have two weeks set aside for travel.

The point of this story?? I’ll be spending a month taking my university courses, thank you very much!!  It’s a little terrifying to have only that much time, but I have faith in the system.  Inchallah*, right??

I *may* take French, along with something else.  We’ll see.

*Arabic phrase meaning “God willing”, adopted by Wolof

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  1. kayak woman Says:

    That schedule kind of sounds like the Ann Arbor Public Schools after the xmas holidays. A few snow days, a couple of sick days (*not* coincident with the snow days), MLK Day, semester break, President’s Day, mid-winter break, spring break, MEAP tests…

  2. Amanda Says:

    MEEK!!! The socks are ready and waiting. sooo excited

    have i got a story for you… nothing too exciting, but still. it’s a little exciting.

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