Happy December!!

The weather did cool down after my little outburst, although mostly at night.  I’ve pulled out the long pajama pants and a sheet, and I close all of my windows.  I even wore jeans when we went out last night!!  Despite that, it’s pretty hot today.

This morning when I left my house, my friend followed me down the street for about ten yards.  It was pretty funny.  I was relieved to see him because the other day, there was a dog chasing a chicken with much squawking and fluttering.  I was fearful that it was my ruffled friend, but he’s just fine.

Also, I took some fabric to the tailor last week.  I am waiting for a dress made from this fabric, and a two-piece outfit made from a solid, bright blue cotton.  The shawl is commencing, and I have found someone who is going to show me how to upload photos at the cybercafé!!

I forgot to take pictures of the pictures I drew for the tailor, but I should have them back around the 14th.  Things are a little backed up because the muslim holiday Tabaski is approaching along with Christmas, and everyone is going to the tailor.  If only I had a machine here…

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  1. Pengie Says:

    rankrankrank! still toooooo hotttt for penguins like me! bring on the cold weather!

  2. Valdemort Says:

    We’ve been holding bowl game rehearsals in the football building’s indoor practice field (yeah, pretty nutty that one team gets an entire HUGE building to themselves. Other athletes do use it for the weight room and presumed pool that we keep smelling now and again, but it’s themed entirely in football). They have the environment in the practice field’s housing tuned to Orlando temps, which are pretty similar to what you’re living in. It’s the return of the eighty-degree rehearsals!!!

    Seriously, though, I’m glad you’re getting some cooler weather. Us born ‘n’ bred Michiganders aren’t built for constant warm weather!!!

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