“I wonder what it feels like to be a tired fish.”

That was the thought that was running through my mind last night while I should have been concentrating on something constructive.

I had never eaten a fish (in my memory) before last summer.  Certainly not a fish with the face still attached…

Fish with faces are nothing.  I am very well acquainted with fish bones, although I’m not clever enough yet to spit them out without the aid of my hands.  I’m afraid to try it lest I drop a wad of chewed food on the floor.  Not that it would matter.  That’s what we do with whatever cannot be eaten (i.e. fish bones, chunks of gristle or bones from meat, etc.).  My family might laught at me though. ;D

Really though, the construction of a fish is fascinating.  I never had the chance to observe it in detail.  Everything is made up in segments.

The other half, the “tired” half, comes from the fact that we’ve started swimming.  By “we” I mean Leah and I.  I was so tired for the first two months here, but I think it was mostly a combination of the heat and the lack of exercise.  Swimming is exhaustive, but it really helps in a climate where you feel more like a snail than anything else.  I can already tell that my endurance is stronger.

Keep it in mind if you’re intending to go somewhere hot and sunny!!

(And naturally, fish must be sleepy as well.)


2 Responses to ““I wonder what it feels like to be a tired fish.””

  1. Sneak Says:

    hi, i love you! promise to write an e-mail in the next couple days. rose is in town so i’m going to hang out with her later on =)

  2. Valdemort Says:

    So I honestly don’t know why I haven’t been checking your blog, so I’m making up for lost time! I MISS YOU!!!

    The first time I had ever eaten a fish with the head still attached (did EAT the head . . . ) was in China, where they had battered and deep-fried fish that was smothered in delicious sweet and sour sauce and PINE NUTS. And the deep-fried stuff there really isn’t all that bad. It upsets my stomach here, but they must do it differently in China because I had NO problem with it there.

    Just curious: do they do anything like that in Senegal? Ethnic cuisine, though I don’t get the chance to partake often, really interests me. : )

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