Dear Amanda,

It’s no good. We just have to do it. It’s so easy to talk about how we need to think about it, to pretend that we’re actually going to get there. It has to be just the right pattern, just the right needle size, just the right time to start… So many decisions to make, it’s just so *difficult* to start a new knitting project!! I mean, we don’t do this frequently at all so I totally understand our difficulties…

Well, last night when I was peacefully sleeping under my hole-y mosquito net, I heard an ominous *ClickCREAK…squuueeeaaaakkkk…clacketyclack*. It was just like my closet door opening, but that didn’t make sense until I realized that I’d left the key in the door. I figured the breeze just pushed it open, but then something soft bouncy went *FLUMP!!* against my net. I sat up, and there it was.

The Africa yarn. It was looking at me with eyes aflame.

“Yoouuu haave oooonly foourr mooonthhss leeeft” it said. “Amaanndaa haas…uhm…well I don’t know how much time, but waaayy leesss than thaaaattt”.

I, uhm..well, I think it’s angry. It menaced me for another few minutes but the approaching dawn started to frighten it and it jumped back into the closet with a bang.

I shook it off and went back to sleep, but…

I think it’s trying to tell us something.

Much love and Indian food/theatre jealousy,

3 Responses to “Dear Amanda,”

  1. Dog Momster Says:

    FYI – Nook has an Indian roommate, and she & her BF have introduced Nook to Indian food – now she’s gonna recreate one of the dishes for me next time she’s home!!! Bhindhi-something-or-another….

  2. Amanda Says:

    the needles are free. lets do this! YAY England/Africa socks!

  3. Amanda Says:


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