Gazelle?? Why not.

With a lack of anything better to say (as well as the newfound discovery that I can post photos directly from flickr) I thought I’d make use of my space to show you this adorable baby gazelle. I didn’t get a picture when it was facing us, but it’s stil pretty great from the back. I couldn’t believe the size of the ears!!

It’s a Saturday. I rarely know what to do with saturdays, but I think we’re going to go to the pool. Some people are going to the beach, but I don’t really have enough interest ing sunbathing to go there more than once a month or so. To prove how interesting our lives are sometimes, we might even stretch it so far as to go to Casino (the grocery store) when we’re done!! ;D

Maybe I can sneak in a trip to the patisserie while we’re at it…

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