Not much is happening this week. I’m writing a paper on Les questions sanitaires liées à l’aménagement du vallée du fleuve Sénégal (The sanitary questions/problems with the management of the Sénégal river valley). It’s a group project. Each American student is working with a Sénégalese student.

The Sénégalese students eat lunch with us every day, and when they come over they always say “nous allons à Kalamazoo” (we’re going to Kalamazoo), which is what they call our house. I do all the typing for our paper, and a lot of the writing too it seams…I get sick of waiting for her to think, even though it’s really her paper.

Papers here confuse me. All the Sén. students wanted to “copier-coller” (copy and paste), and we were freaking out. They said everyone does it here. I was assuming that papers here are not as important as tests and that professors mainly use them to see that the students are understanding things/know what the course is about, but when I finally asked some of them individually they explained that normally copier-coller is interdit like it is in the states. It’s just that this paper isn’t worth a grade for them, so they prefer to do things “the easy way”.

Me? I don’t understand how it is easier. That may be because I’m a perfectionist, but it seems that with copier-coller things wouldn’t fit together at all. We’re writing most of ours, but most groups are not.

I’m not sure this class is real anyway, and it seems like most people here are sort of brainwashed about the Sén. river valley and the functioning of the dams…

Anyway, we present tomorrow and return to Dakar on Saturday. I’ll miss St. Louis, but I miss my family and Dakar as well. I know a student who is coming here to St. Louis to stay for 8 months, so maybe I’ll come visit.

And remind me to tell you about Chiquito!!

P.S. This is my outfit.  It’s pretty loose in the waist, but it shouldn’t be hard to fix.  I love the sleeves!!

4 Responses to “Copier-Coller?”

  1. Dog Momster Says:

    Gorgeous outfit! And you make it look even better! I concur re the sleeves – unusual (at least for me) and attractive.

    Concurrence also re the writing vs. “copier-coller” and the flow of thought…

  2. Amanda Says:

    i miss you and love you. I have to go to work, but MUAH!

  3. Pooh Says:

    I love the ensemble.

    Regarding the interdit/facile ethics of copier/coller… I’m reminded when a student from France visited our French class in high school. He was somewhat shocked that we did our own work instead of copying from each other, while we were somewhat shocked that he would cheat. (Our word, not his.) Apparently, in his school, it was us against them (students vs. teachers), while in our French class (if not the whole school), we were more in the grade-grubbing, get into college mode. Of course, looking back, he was only one student, so may not have been representative. And based on the amount of copying I see today, maybe our class wasn’t representative either. I’m not going down the other road, that kids today are worse than we were.

    BTW, the other thing we learned from this French student was the phrase, “leche mon cul”, which we certainly never would have learned from the book.

  4. jane Says:

    Hey Mouse – I love your dress! I think you need to revise your future plans…. yarn shop/coffee house/dress designs. 😉

    take care. jane.

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