I started the Lotus Blossom Tank from an old issue of Interweave. That was probably three weeks ago now, but I don’t really have a great sense of time anymore. For the amount of free time I have I don’t seem to knit too much, but that will probably change soon. Or maybe just when it gets cooler and I don’t have to sleep all day to survive.

I’ll be done with a pair of socks soon, the Lotus Blossom tank is thrown aside but nearly finished, and the quilt is progressing noticeably (although sporadically). I spend a lot of my free time trying to keep track of everything in journals, and I seem to draw a lot as well. Sometimes I try to sketch my environment, and sometimes I waste time making little orange-slice figures (you’ll see what I’m talking about when I show them to you).

I’m feeling pretty lazy, and every time I leave the house with the intention of bringing my camera card I manage to forget it. It doesn’t help that our rooms here are air-conditioned. I feel so spoiled, but then again I don’t complain much. At home I do not like to use it, but…uh…Africa is hot.

I don’t really like the structure of the class I am taking right now, but I have a suspicion that their intention has more to do with interacting with Sénégalese youth than with the subject matter.  I don’t find the subject boring, but three hours of lecture in French is a long time.  The classroom has terrible acoustics, and my poor little ears don’t really tolerate it well.

I’m excited to go back to my family in Dakar, but at the same time I am really enjoying the time here and I’ll miss the city, campus, and people.

I’m supposed to be researching right now, shh!!  I don’t need to have research until after Ramadan, but it’s always good to get a start.  The problem is that I am ridiculously tired and have a headache.  Which don’t really lend themselves to working.

I think that means it’s time to go knit something…

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  1. froooggy Says:

    Grok grok grok! Squeaky wantsya t’ bring a rooster ‘r two home. Grok grok

  2. Your Squeaky Says:

    And a baby goat!

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