Ah, posting.

So I was all set to upload some photos to a computer so I could figure out how to post them, but just as that was happening we uprooted ourselves to come to St. Louis.

Look at pictures.

There are more on google.
St Louis is in the North of Senegal, and it is a beautiful city.  Walking across the bridge in the second picture is one of my favorite things.

We’ve been here a week now, and we’re living on the campus of L’Université Gaston Berger.  It is basically a giant nature preserve with a few roads and buildings thrown in every so often, and there are tons of goats everywhere.

The goats are one of my favorite things.  They are very healthy, and they’re all having adorable babies right now.  Sometimes when we walk around at night we see them just standing around on whatever elevated surfaces they can find.  Hilarious.
I keep putting all of my energy into sending e-mail to my family, but one of these days I’ll manage to post about more of what is happening.

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  1. Dog Momster Says:

    If you had *3* pix (“look” “at” “pictures”), I hate to inform you but the “at” photo is “403 – forbidden”. *sigh*

    Love the 2 photos AND love the YouTube cattle parade on Yo-Mama’s website….

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