La Sieste

It gets so hot here in midday that no one really wants to do anything but sleep.

And that’s what most people do.

I took my first real nap here yesterday, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to take more!  I woke up so sweaty, sticky, and hot that I thought I would never be able to detach my limbs from each other.

For now, I just go to bed around 11.  I get way more sleep than I do in the states, but I’m also more exhausted here.  Because of the heat?

We have bread and coffee for breakfast every morning.  I buy fruit on the way to the Baobab Center, then go home after Wolof for lunch.  There is usually more to do at the Center after lunch so we go back.  We usually hang around for a while, go to the internet cafe, or walk somewhere.  There are students from other programs and some independents as well who hang around the center.  After that, I go home to eat dinner and play with my host siblings/read and knit or sew.

That’s life for now!!

In another week things change, because we spend a month in St. Louis for a course in sustainable development.

I’m off to watch little lizards climb trees.

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  1. Your Squeaky Says:

    Squeak, squeak. I love you, Mousey! Ol’ Baggy brought’n me ‘n’ Frooggy up t’ Hoton Lake agin this weekend. ‘n’ we’re prob’ly gonna to t’ see th’ ol’ Commander next weekend. Squeak, squeak. Does yer li’l sis have a mousey?

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