So, I keep writing sentences in English and throwing in a bunch of French words.  I can’t help it.  I suppose that’s what I’m supposed to be doing.  I still suck at communicating with people most of the time, but at least my vocabulary improves daily.  I can now say iron, tributary, and cockroach among other things.

Yes, cockroach.  I shut myself in the bathroom with four of them last night.  That’s normal here though.  Everyone else saw them before I did.  Most of my new vocabulary, by the way, comes from my five-year-old sister.  *takes a bow*.

Today is the first day that I have had nothing to do.  Normally we have been walking around in the sun on the way to other places, but we have Sundays off.  I was sitting in my house all morning, then escaped quite shamefully to the “American Cafe” that is next to my house.  Even though all the coffee it Nescafe, it was delicious.  (I mean in Dakar.  Not just the cafe.  I have nescafe and baguette with chocolate peanut butter every morning for breakfast.)

I did buy a toothstick for class, but that’s about it.

I started my Lotus Blossom Tank, so I’ma go play on Ravelry before dinner.  =D

4 Responses to “Dimanche”

  1. kayak woman Says:

    “I’ma go play”? Hey, you can harass me about my grammar, I can harass you too! 😛

  2. Liz Says:

    Your post reminded me of a story a French prof once told us about “un cafard assez grand qu’un cheval.” (A cockroach as big as a horse, for you non-speakers reading) I don’t remember how it ended, but the main character tried to shoot it with a pistol at one point. The whole story was accompanied by the coolest drawings on the whiteboard. The guy missed his calling, he should have been writing and illustrating silly French books.

  3. Cait Says:


    p.s. i found a yarn store

  4. educaremom Says:

    Mouse, it’s great to see you’re settling in! Une famille catholique, hein? Tu vas aller en eglise avec cette famille? Tres interessant…
    Anyway…for us old parents, it’s exciting to watch you young ‘uns assimilating. Have you learned to use a couscousiere yet?

    News on the Ann Arbor front…


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