Asalaa Malekuum!!

I wrote a post yesterday, but I ran out of time at the cyber cafe before I had the opportunity to actually post it.

We arrived safely on Monday night.  We spent a few nights together in an apartment complex, then moved in with our families on Monday night.

My family happens to be Catholic (a small percentage the population is, but most are Muslim) and willing to work around vegetarians.

We went into the centre ville today, where I greatly improved my french in a single afternoon.  It was kind of crazy. As a contrast, my english gets worse by the day.

I bought fabric today…

I am knitting a sock from some yarn Amanda gave me for christmas.  Trekking XXL. I can’t show pictures just yet, but I promise to do so soon.

I need to finish checking my e-mail before dinner, but I am here and safe!! Madrid was awesome too.

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  1. Your Squeaky Says:

    Squeak, squeak! I miss you. Ol’ Baggy brought me ‘n’ Froggy to Houghton Lake for the weekend. Love, your little Mousey. Squeak, squeak, squeak!

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