Madrid Aeropuerto

Just checking in.  I have less than two minutes left on my internet allowance from the Madrid airport.  We had a ten hour layover here, so we explored the city for a while.  It was excellent, and we leave for Dakar at 17:55.  (I can use Spanish in a practical sense!!!

I´ll check in again as soon as possible!!

5 Responses to “Madrid Aeropuerto”

  1. Sneak Says:

    i can’t wait to hear where you went in madrid… eek i want to go to espain. safe flights…

  2. Amanda Says:

    YAY Mouse in Spain!!!!
    I miss you and love you!

  3. Kathy Farnell Says:

    A mini tour of Madrid! And your’e not even at your final destination. I’m so jealous! But I am so happy that you have this wonderful opportunity ahead of you. You will see so much and learn so much. I hope you have fun. Take good care of yourself “Little Mousey”. We love you and will all miss you. I want to har about the whole trip. Keep us all informed. Love, Aunt Kathy (The original “Mouse in the House”) Oh yes – I was watching a show on Animal Planet Monday night, and they showed angry lions and angry elephants. Please avoid those wild animals!

  4. Cait Says:

    MOUSE why haven’t you posted from Senegal yet?
    (I started knitting a new sock- FROM THE TOP DOWN!!!)

  5. kayak woman Says:

    Mouse’s Moom here. Mouse emailed and then called from Senegal yesterday (from a phone cafe, although that’s probably not the right term). Internet access has been quite limited so far and she did not take her computer. She is fine and is supposed to meet her host family today. I’m sure she’ll figure out how to get online for long enough to make a blog entry soon. :-)

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