I’m going to start living out of my suitcase as of today. I am packing all of my clothes, then finishing dresses.

I made most of the owl dress after work on saturday, so I really just have minimal work to do. I need a zipper, a hem, serged edges, and to sew down the bodice lining in the front. The pattern (McCalls M4444) is the same one as I used for the silk dresses last winter, and they actually leave the edges mostly raw. I decided that I’ll take a little bit more slip-stitching for a more durable garment.


I started cutting out the tree dress about half an hour ago. I am using the skirt pieces of the same pattern, but changing the bodice section. Most dressed follow the same basic structure for the skirts anyway, so this works out well for everyone.


The new fabric that I showed the other day is going to become a shirt similar to the gold top I made in July, but with cap sleeves and a side zipper instead of a cross-over clasp.

I know that I have a ton of projects to finish. I really do. I really really really do. It’s just so hard to get anything done when I know that I’m leaving soon. Packing has helped. All of my clothes are packed except for the things I haven’t finished making. All “product” is packed.


My pills are safely stored away in my new wide-mouthed blue Nalgene (my orange one has a small mouth and is therefore unsuitable for acting as a packing container.


Okay, I’m sorry. There is something frightening and hilarious about this image. I decided that a Nalgene full of pills was way funnier than a Nalgene full of yarn. Or even a Nalgene full of panties. So pills it is. In case anyone is worried, it’s just the vitamins that I packed all together in the bottom. I’m going to separate them out again once I get there and keep them in plastic bags, but this was way more space-efficient. The Doxycycline, being the only one I really need to worry about, is in its own plastic bag. The Cipro and generic painkillers are staying in their own private tubes, and hoping that I don’t need to use them.

Still, it’s really strange. Usually I don’t take anything at all. Nothing.

Speaking of Doxycycline…I start taking it tomorrow. That means I’m really really close. I leave in eight days. Seven, really.

I’m rambling. The point is, I need to finish the bag. I need to do finishing work on owls, piece together trees, make shirt. I need to decide what I’m actually doing with the other skirt, and with the stripe-y fabric. That’s definitely far below *possible* production, but hopefully I’ll have some extra free time on the side.

On another, less panicky note…

Today when I went to the “people” page on Ravelry, I was planning to look through the favorite projects section. Once the page loaded though, I was confronted with a picture of my own Venezia Pullover!! That’s really not so unexpected, but it was still a little surreal. It actually shows a random selection of favorites, and you can click for more. It’s quite addictive. People have excellent taste.

The Sneak’s hat looks like this:


Or this, if you want to see the body cable pattern:


I’ll try to get a clearer picture later on. Did I mention that I also need to finish this by the time I leave? Oh well.

I’ll leave you with a picture of the art piece I’m bringing for my host family.


It was hard to photograph this too, as it has a plastic covering it.

Okay I’ve really lost track of any semblance of pretending that I have a point by now. I am going nowhere with this, and I don’t really care. It’s only going to get worse as the week progresses, because I have the feeling I’m about to stop possessing the capabilities of sleep. If not tonight, tomorrow. If not tomorrow, then definitely by the next night.

(EDIT: Looking back, I see that I forgot having mentioned the end of the post.  With the deer, I mean.  I went on to add that weird little last section, but I think it’s pretty funny that I managed it in the first place so I’m going to leave it.  It really demonstrates the state of mind that flitting about around this household at the moment.  Crazy!!)

4 Responses to “Luggage”

  1. Kelsey Says:

    bahahaha. The nalgene is even funnier than I expected.

    I like the hat.


    (did you manage to get Thursday off for Kzooing?)

  2. Cait Says:

    Nice nalgene.

  3. Rachel Says:

    So I finished my Clap(otis) and I was going to start the hat that goes with it but I could only find my size 8 dpns and not my size 8 16” circs. I’m waiting to start the hat until I go home this weekend…I’m a wuss :) I was just thinking of that when I saw your hat….that is all.

  4. pengie Says:

    i still think that a nalgene full of panties would’ve been funnier.

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