Sew, woman!!

I am back in Ann Arbor. My drive yesterday was lovely, as it looked like this for more than half the trip.


Gorgeous!! I hate driving in the sunlight, as it gives me a headache. My drive up was almost as rainy, so I feel particularly lucky this time.

I’ve hardly been home 24 hours, but I’ve already gotten into trouble with myself.


It whacked me upside the head so hard I got dizzy, then while I was trying to steady myself my debit card slipped through the machine and made a transaction. What’s a girl to do??

Uh…don’t answer that. Just shut up and pass me the shears.

5 Responses to “Sew, woman!!”

  1. Amanda Says:

    oh dear. what are you gonna make? a skirt?!?

  2. Amanda Says:

    i met a knitter today. she said there aren’t any good yarn stores. and it’s super expensive, that i’d be better off getting it at home. so at least i’m not in total danger of buying too much yarn. though if i can a yarn trip will be planned. it’s looking less and less likely though. ally pally may be the only yarn related adventure this time around. oh well, then that’ll give us a trip to make someday! yay!
    g’night and muah!

  3. Pooh Says:

    It is gorgeous fabric! I’m thinking my card would have slipped through the machine too. Is it cotton or rayon or…?

  4. Dog Momster Says:

    are those pretty bright specks the *turquoise* color I think they are???

  5. Jax Says:

    I’m being a bad person and working on blogging instead of my paper. But I live!!

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