Oh. My. Hol(e)y. YARN.

I would say alpaca, but right now that does not matter. What matters is THIS:


No. That is not enough. Just look at this detail shot:


It is just so beautiful, in detail *and* as a whole. I knew that I loved this lace pattern, but not until I blocked the scarf did I quite understand the full extent of my infatuation. It is still there drying, but…*flustered smattering of letters*fadklsjklsdajfksdljf…I just want to unpin it now and dance around. I have to give it away though. D= However, Jess is definitely deserving. She is one of the many lovely people who graduated college two days ago. I’ll miss her as well as The Sneak. (The Sneak gets her graduation presents later, because of a difficulty in obtaining some yarn.)

If you want to know, I actually bought the extra fine green merino laceweight to make a giant square shawl for myself. Using that lace pattern. It is not going to be a fast or easy project, as the pattern repeat is fairly long and difficult to memorize. It is not hard as long as you have the opportunity to look at your pattern often, but at school I do not have that luxury.

I also intend to use fairly small needles. No, I swear that I am not crazy. I am not planning to make this just for fun. Every once in a while you just need to make something long-term, crazy, intricate, and ridiculously, painfully beautiful. (Yes. I have a yarn infatuation. Leave me alone. A Certain Writer has already made fun of me extensively within the last 48 hours, and did not even pause to reconsider when I borrowed a line from the Yarn Harlot: Some people collect rocks.) (Okay, so actually, I collected rocks as a child…oh, leave me alone.)

Though the strange thing is, if something really really good came up, I would probably give it away in an instant. I mean something *really* good. While I work on a project, I am so protective. And possessive. I have to shield it as my own, because somehow it is part of my body or my mind. It is like constructing something incomplete. Not broken, just unfinished. When it is finished though, I am a lot more detached. It’s not that I love it any less, just that it is finished, and no longer needs my assistance to make it through. At this point, I can send it out into the world. It is still mine, but someone else can love it too.
(Now that I think about it, I guess that is to some extent a less extreme version of what parents go through. Sorry parents! I love you! I hope I am at least close to being finished to your satisfaction. Although, I am the first to admit that I am definitely far from finished.)
Anyway, the unexpected results are a main part of why I love knitting. It is always surprising.

It also keeps me from spacing out. Or killing people.

I guess that it’s just a day for pretty things though. Look at this skirt:


It is from Orchid Lane, and it makes me feel so eggshell! Not *like* an eggshell, you did not mistake me. I in turn did not mistake my typing. It makes me feel like the word eggshell, which is another favorite. “Egg” and “shell” are only okay on their own, but put them together and they are incredible. Say it! Out loud! Like you mean it.

Doesn’t it feel good?

Okay, full disclosure:


I bought a dress too. Also from Orchid Lane. I love the colors of both the skirt and the dress. They were just so Mouse, and I could not leave them. I had dreams about them last night. They placed a hook in my mind and reeled me back into the store this morning. Now I have summer clothes, and no desire to obtain more.

No one said anything about knitted garments though, or anything I do with my sewing machine…

3 Responses to “Oh. My. Hol(e)y. YARN.”

  1. Momster Says:

    gorgeous, Gorgeous, GORGEOUS work, Mouse! I see your infatuation with that intricate lace pattern, and wish I had the talent….

  2. Pooh Says:


    Love your blog, and your many projects. What happened to the “silk short-sleeve, will this fit my torso” project?

    Was following your link to the yarn harlot blog, and then some other links and found this, in case you didn’t see it.


    It’s a MOUSE pattern!

    Enjoy your summer off — I’m enjoying mine.

  3. Amelly! Says:

    you are so much the talentened mouse. i envy with greenness the greenness of your green knitting. it is preciously beautiful. it makes the heart sing with tunes high and lovely.
    LOVE, Amelly!

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