Come and get them.

Oh dearest most darling-est most wonderful-est Daddy,
You’d better get your sorry act together and come up here. Why??

You promised that you would go out into the county with me. And also to go hiking. And also we miss you.

But the real reason that you have to come up is because of this:


I am holding your socks hostage. Notice how I told you you’d get them the other night? Yeah. This is a better plan. They are up here, and you are down there. See the problem?

You’re stuck. It’s your choice. You can stay down there in the sweaty old heat and wish you were here with your lovely family, or you can come up here and test them out. It’s *your* choice.

Come and get them.


Your oh-so-humble little daughter,


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  1. TMOTU Says:

    I’m stuck.

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