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It feels like fall. I’ve been feeling it for a week or more, but yesterday it was actually cool by the end of the day. Today we have cold rain. I am wearing the first pair of jeans I’ve bought* in four years, and a long-sleeved cotton waffle-weave shirt. It’s strange to be wearing sleeves!!

The other indicator that it’s turning into fall is that I am sleeping more. (Of course, by normal people’s sleep schedules I am probably still sleeping less than average.) I also keep having headaches, which is what kept me in bed until noon today.

On another note, my house is a funny place. I walked in to find this in the front room.

What are these?
There are little ones too!!

Sheep. Adorable suitcase sheep. They were props in a play we worked on a few years back, and they belong to a friend of Moom‘s. I rescued them in the trunk of the Little Blue Car, then promptly got hungry and forgot to mention them. My poor mother discovered them only when she opened the trunk to put her groceries in the car!! Now they’re looking out the window in a contented sort of manner.

As much as it looks like I’ve been spending all my time playing with sheep, I have actually been working on a sweater.


It’s a light grey, but the color isn’t showing up so well in this picture. probably because I was sitting here while I took it.


That chair** sits in front of this:


In case you underestimate what you see, that is the desk I have been unable to use for the past two years. I haven’t cleaned in a while…it’s hard to keep things under control when you’re halfway moved out of a place.

Aside from the sheep, there was one other change when I walked into the house today.





My parents have iPhones. Hilarious.

Finally, I’ve been working on socks.


The daddy socks are past the heel, and I’ve started the Embossed Leaves Socks from one of the past issues of Interweave. They’re for work knitting, but I snuck in a few rows during the movie I saw today.


The yarn is Interlacements Tiny Toes, although I don’t think I’ll ever understand why they gave it such a wimpy name. Any suggestions?

Oh, and one last thing.


I cut it.

*I’ve been living off of two pairs of hand-me-down jeans from my sister. On the other hand, I generally prefer corduroy and linen.

**That lovely rocking chair was my 18th birthday present from Amanda. That’s a pillow in the seat, not part of the chair. In case anyone was curious, it’s printed not pieced and quilted.

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