I’m quite a bit behind on the Mystery Stole. I am currently working on clue 3, but only by a few rows per day.  I’m really not sure where my time it going, particularly as I’m not sleeping a lot.  As judged by the nap I took today…


The worst part is that I feel like I could sleep for another few hours.  Instead, I am eating toast that I’m not actually hungry for.  If you live near a Trader Joe’s, you should try the multi-grain San Francisco Sourdough bread.  I eat it toasted with butter.

Part of my usual knitting time has been taken up with sewing projects.  I finished the yellow linen pants Friday night, but I haven’t had a good opportunity to photograph them yet.

Another good chunk of time has gone into Africa, and obtaining things that I need to take with me.  Every time I take something off the shelf though, I get a nasty little twinge at the added weight and bulk that I am obviously going to end up carrying.  Yikes.
Moom’s socks are progressing.


This picture was taken yesterday, and I am nowpast the decreases and into the main cuff pattern.  When I finish them…


I can start these. The disconnect between making socks for myself even while I won’t be able to wear them until March is not lost on me…

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