Top Secret

Uh..surprise? The top secret project is unveiled!
This is a personal website that I intend to use as a tracking devise for my assorted craft pursuits (mainly knitting, but also sewing, beading, etc…), as well as for random bits about life in general. It is for me, not you, so please keep that in mind as you are reading. That means if you have anything bad to say about me, my opinions, my projects, my mother (hi moom!!), or anything else related to this website, you can go waste your precious time elsewhere. That is a warning. Be civil in the comments my ducks, or else.
By the way, Moom processed all my drawings and primitive attempts at photshop in order to put this whole thing together. Go to her blog ( and tell her how much you like it!! We are still working out some kinks to make the original design fit into wordpress, so some of my lovely blue boxes are missing. Look out for those. Also thanks to Valdemort (my cousin. =D No comments about the weird names my family calls each other, you hear?) for suggesting the name. We wanted the URL “mousenest”, but it was unavailable.
Soon I intend to start posting pictures of things, but just now I’m coming up on the end of the quarter and need to finish all my schoolwork. Tough cookies. You’ll get pictures of what I’m working on now, and I hope that eventually I can go back and log earlier finished projects. Another hope for this is that it will encourage me to finish things I start in a timely fashion. I also forbid anyone from pointing out the previous statement when it all comes crashing down around a sorry pile of broken DPNs.
All clear? *nods* good.
With all that said, I had a rather strange revelation concerning this the other day. If you think about it, the nature of a “top secret project” is that absolutely no one is allowed to know that it even exists until it is revealed. What fun is that? When you unveil it no one knows that it was ever secret in the first place, and all the plotting and scheming was for nothing. Sorry to all the people I taunted by mentioning it and refusing to tell, but it increased my enjoyment (and hopefully yours) immensely. And hopefully you’ll all learn a thing or two about knitting along the way.

14 Responses to “Top Secret”

  1. Jessie Says:

    Well Well Well… another website I can check to procrastinate… why thatnk you Mouse! (that was not sarcastic:))
    Your Roomie

  2. moom Says:

    hee hee hee. DPN = double pointed needles, I think. The ones knitters use to make socks.

    Just had to make a comment.

    Moom (and Froggy)

  3. Amelly! Says:

    Darling Mousey! This is so cool! You now have your own website where I can look at your knitted masterpieces all summer long. LOVE, Amel. XOXOXO

  4. Amanda Says:

    (hehe first comment… go me!)
    i probobly should have guessed that this was the top secret project, but considering that i
    would have had to think about it… well, i’m in summer mode, so there is no thinking beyond
    what is required for knitting and driving.
    oh! i have a birthday present for you that i’ve had for a while, but have mentioned only
    minimaly… i’m going to try and come visit you. mom has given the approval, but if i want
    to stay over night i’ve got to talk to the grandparents… though $ will be supplied by mother
    (yay for x-mas money…/ sadly it will not be going to the petals collection, since that is all
    full… SAD!).
    love you!
    congrats on the mouse nest!

  5. Nikki Says:

    Oh Mousey, I would never say anything mean on here, you silly goose.

  6. Precious Jem Says:

    For the love of God approve my comment before I squawk like a chicken and shit a brick!

    Nice words lady. I can only imagine how long you agonized over them you slow but lovely writer.

  7. Momster Says:

    YAY!! Blogging is *definitely* viral…..not to mention that it also seems to run in packets.

  8. Pengie Says:

    Penguins heart mices! RARK!

  9. SNEAK Says:

    Lizards heart Penguins & Mices & Valdemorts! SQUEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAARRRRRGGGKKKKK (that was a big nasty jess squeak)

  10. Sammy Says:

    Hey, Mouse, welcome to the blahg world! Looking forward to seeing how it develops!

  11. Connie (i wish i had a cooler nick name what not that was actually valid. connie mommy perhaps?) Says:

    Hey Mousey,
    This makes me very happy because it allows me to see how you are doing while procrastinating homework! I hope to see you soon! Mwah, squish, slurp!

  12. Valdemort Says:

    I like . . . grapefruit!

    Just to let you know, your mom and my mom were singing “Mr. Golden Sun” while I was driving them home from dinner Monday night. It was pretty epic.

  13. moom Says:

    Remember *why* we were singing Mr. Golden Sun ? 😉

  14. Valdemort Says:

    But of course!

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