I want a coat.

But first, I want a dress out of this. (If you haven’t been out to Superbuzzy yet you should go now. They mostly have Japanese cottons and they’re all fantastic.)
Winking owls!! Apparently The Sneak agrees with me in thinking that they are too adorable to pass up, because *she* then sneakily slipped a dress request into the conversation.

I obviously seem to have a list of projects piling up, but as long as I get a day or two to myself this week I should have some finished things to show.  Sewing is, after all, quite instant gratification for a knitter.  I plan to finish the yellow linen pants tonight, but the reason I currently want a coat during 80-degree weather arose from this morning’s trip to Haberman Fabrics.

Now let me just say that I prefer to visit the Fabric Gallery in general.  Both are excellent stores, but as a general rule I feel better about giving my business to the smaller and less accessible businesses.  When I go into the Fabric Gallery I find a high ratio of things that I like or would consider using in a project to the total quantity of stock.  (Not to mention an excellent collection of easy-to-browse buttons).  In Haberman Fabrics, I found that there was a much smaller ratio of things that I wanted to the total stock available.  They had tons of buttons as well, but they were not easy to look through.  Many were kept behind a counter where they were difficult to see, and others were close to the ground where an older customer may have difficulty seeing them.  To be fair, Haberman’s specializes in wedding materials and I am certainly not looking to make any fancy dresses.

When that’s all said and done…did that stop me?


Grey linen for a pair or pants.


Purple/maroon linen for a pair of pants.  Yes, it’s not *really* a purple.  However, I see a burgundy/purple and a burgundy lavender and a central maroon stripe.  Label it whatever you wish, and post it in the comments!!  (Moom, you know that “purple” is a relative term.)

Not when confronted with sale linens.  Nope!!

I have contrasting blue thread for the grey pants, and matching purple/maroon thread for the striped ones.

I even forced Moom to buy herself a bit of fabric, because anything with crocodiles and birds and goat-things and shininess is too good for me to let her pass up.


That was all a pretty good haul, but the real test of my self restraint came when I noticed this:


sdfkljfKLJSFDKLJ GAH!!  Blue/orange/rust/gold/grey UPHOLSTERY FABRIC.  I love upholstery fabric.  Unreasonably and beyond all comprehension.  Did I buy three yards to make a long jacket?


No.  At $50/yard I could only handle half a yard, otherwise qualified as “just enough to make a travel bag”.

Africa first.  After that, I’ll definitely have to make a trip back to the store for coat materials.  I doubt that they’ll still have this one, but hey…wouldn’t I look stupid with a matching jacket and carpet bag??

2 Responses to “I want a coat.”

  1. froooggy Says:

    Grok grok. I wantcha t’ make me ‘n’ Green Guy some skirts outta that crocky-dial fabrick! Grok grok grok. Squee-grok!

  2. Dog Momster Says:

    That “winking owl” fabric is incredible!! Hey – if you want to buy it, lemme know the damage and I’ll shoot you a check for it – I think you’d look great in that fabric!!!!

    I’m serious!!

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