Courtesy of feministing, go look at this.


Also, I’d like to mention bloglines. I realize that this is nothing new to most of you.  Actually, it’s not really new to me either.  I’ve been hearing about it for a long time now.  I even made an account the other year.  That would have worked out quite well for me, except for one small glitch.  I never subscribed to anything and I never checked it.

Now that I actually have a list of globs blogs connected, it’s amazing.  You can see how many new posts (or edits) each blogger has made since you last checked, and you don’t have to wait for 5,000 kajillion different pages to load.  I do miss seeing people’s backgrounds, but if you click on the name of the blog it opens up in a new window.  (Some feeds just give you a partial entry, anyway.)

Tadaa!! Maybe I’ll have a little more time and energy for writing my own posts, now that I don’t have to check everyone else so frequently??

Oh, by the way…Rosie is a button.  What should I do with her?  I was thinking of making a bag, but if I made a really crazy shirt (or something) I could attach her to that too.  She is a Travel Rosie leading me to believe that a bag would be ideal, and I might ask Suzanne to make me a necklace if I can’t think of anything else.


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  1. Liz Says:

    Sadly, no. Bloglines does not save you any time. Instead of keeping up with 20-30 blogs that you have to click on and wait for them to load, you will have 70 or so blogs to read before you even know it, and you will never be able to keep up with them when you are busy, but they will not update enough to keep you amused when you aren’t. It’s a trap… but a really terrific one. I love bloglines. I am just realistic about what a fabulous timesuck they are.

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