Don’t worry, you still have 49 days.

Alright. I have to admit that as of two days ago I have entered into the beginnings of what we’ll refer to (delicately) as a state of Pre-Departure Africa Panic. Sophisticated, no??

I have more than a month left in the US to get my crap together. That should be comforting. (Just say yes just say yes just say yes.) I’ve been doing really well, procrastinating on that constant urge to Start Panicking by shamelessly ignoring packing and the French language in general. I do realize that what is Smart and what is Easy are two very different things.

It’s really kind of stupid, what set me off. It’s almost embarrassing to admit to it. I’ve been having those horrid “realistic” dreams, in which you basically carry out mundane or idiotic tasks from your everyday life in what is perhaps unrealistic detail. Like, making a sandwich. Or piecing a quilt square. Or driving a car.  Or speaking sternly to small (or large) children who absolutely refuse to behave.
Two nights ago I had a dream that I’d forgotten my departure date, as well as having overslept. I hadn’t packed a stitch, hadn’t prepared, didn’t have money, I just got on the plane and left. I arrived in Sénégal with myself and nothing else. I wandered around for a while panicking, until Jess appeared (Hi Jess!! Expect some really obnoxious and–perhaps–frantic phone calls before the month is out) and helped me figure out how to find food.

Okay okay, alright!! Subconscious, that’s enough. Nothing like a good kick in the pants from your own nervous system to make things happen. Now I’m wandering around with a slight nagging sensation, like being followed by a little hedgehog that knaws gnaws at my toes when I’m not looking.

But hey. Even while I know that the PDAP is only going to increase over my remaining time, I plan to look at the bright side of things.


I now have my own personal portable Rosie!!

The only question now is what to do with her…

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