It has been impossible to post lately. While Summer YAG is happening, it is impossible to get anything done that doesn’t involve Summer YAG itself. Last week I made nine vests in a day and a half on top of my usual responsibilities. After spending all day child-wrangling it’s difficult to do anything more than stare at walls when I got home.
I did manage to obtain the rest of my quilt materials (except for the backing and the binding, which I plan to deal with post-Africa). I also couldn’t post while reading Harry Potter, but as for the past few days I have no excuses. Finally, I have proof that I’ve been…fiber art-ing.


The feather and fan socks are finished.


I still have to hide the ends, but it’s hard not to be lazy when it’s hot out. (For the record though, today was rainy and cool so who knows? I may hide the ends yet.)

I also finished a skirt and top, as I think I mentioned in the last post. Funny thing, that “memory”.


I look happy, don’t I??


Perhaps this is a better view for me.

I also have pretty new scissors with which I have been cutting quilt pieces at the speed of light.


Take a closer look:


Ginghers. These are the scissors that we use in the costume shop at school. I swear that they cut through anything and everything. They’re a little pricey, but very much worth the money if you sew. These are the 8″ dressmaker’s shears. All of their scissors cut cleanly all the way to the tips, and this size even comes with a handy little case. (Yes, I’m preparing to travel, why do you ask??) I particularly like that they come with the plain metal handle. Very nice.

Finally, I have the quilt pieces.


The large light triangles are the background color, and the main color is underneath the little triangles. I could not find more of fabric 5, and fabric 3 is only available in fat quarters (aa#%()*RETUIODFJ*$ I wanted to use it as the main color AND the backing. Lousy lousy store. They could have made so much money off of me. I would have bought a whole bolt if they’d have let me!! I guess you can’t ask that much from corporate chains, as they just don’t care about my personal happiness…)

I still need to cut my small triangles in the background color, and then I can split it all up into individual square groupings. 36 pieces to a square, and 36 squares to the quilt. I have decided to use only 30 squares, partially because I don’t need an enormous quilt and partly because I don’t have quite enough fabric. And partly because it’s my first quilt and I know how bored I’m going to get…

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    I love your skirt/top!!!!

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