Do NOT say “fabric stash”. Just don’t.

You were all very close. No one got them both right, but everyone got at least half. Half being one, anyway.

I based the colors off of 5, but 3 is my favorite. That is a relative term, of course, but 3 is the print of which I attempted to order a full bolt.*


As you can see, I have shifted my colors a bit. I loved the light colors, but I decided that I wanted to keep the background in the tans. White would have been too much of a contrast for my taste. Things have to be muted and well blended, or very bright and contrast-y. I’m very picky about whites.

The cream/tan fabric at the far left will be the background. I can’t get more of five as the main color, so I’ll probably use the fabric to its right (purple with flowers). I suppose I should have checked before I coordinated everything, but that’s just not how my brain works sometimes. Oh well.

I have to go to bed. Now. However, I can’t promise not to buy the rest of the fat quarters in color three tomorrow…no one else could possibly need them. I’m not really obsessive, it’s just that I only post about obsessive moments. Shut up.

*It didn’t work. They only sell it in fat quarters. Soooo unfair.

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  1. Kelsey Says:

    I still like how they work together… and find it unreasonable and tragic that 3 does not come in massive quantities.

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