It’s true what they say.  It’s really really true.  You know, the thing about “for every step forward you’re three steps behind”?  I know it’s not that exactly, but it’s something to that effect.

I’ve worked a lot all week = I’m far too sleepy to take pictures and process them, and I’m behind on my mystery shawl.

I have a lot of sock yarn = I’m refusing to knit socks.

I’m almost finished with the skirt = I need clasps, and I might redo the top portion to make a wider band.

I made most of a shirt out of the yellow linen = the stripe of skirt fabric in the middle is a denser weave and I’m taking out all the main seams so I can stretch it.

It’s all getting there, but I’m a perfectionist.  Could anything possibly be more frustrating?  Whatever happened to letting things go and taking time to relax?  Maybe I should go do some yoga.

WAIT. I forgot to do laundry.  And I could make another seam on that shirt tonight. Or cut out and seam that extra piece I want to hide in the skirt closure.  Maybe I’ll just knit to the end of the sock decreases and finish Chart 2 of the shawl before bed.  Or I could make my lunch and clean up some of the dusty messes of college crap objects I’ve been ignoring.  Don’t I need another travel project, or thumbs on those handwarmers, or shouldn’t I make some sketches for that quilt I want to make and I and I want to finish that book tonight and I need a new bike bag so I could make one or wasn’tIplanning ondrawingmoreinsteadofjustsittingbecauseIreallylikeartand–
I think I just found my problem.

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  2. Dog Momster Says:

    heeheehee! Yeah, I know the feeling, so much that has to be done, and so much more that one *wants* to do!! And very little of it is the same… 😛

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