Long, long, long day.

I’ve got to stop taking my photos in dark rooms at night. It really doesn’t turn out so well.

My two week child-wrangling job started this morning. I got up at 7:45 AM to go down there and pretend that I’m useful. The nice little secret is that the job really starts tomorrow, now that the kids are somewhat settled in.

I guess I would have done more today, but I never want to step on people’s toes. I have a few very definite jobs which give me all the time I need to be “in charge”. The trick is that I’m a better leader than follower, but it’s hard to get me there. I think…

Anyway, I take 80 children (is it less this year?) and make them do ridiculous things for half an hour every morning before we divide them up. Otherwise known as warm-ups. In my opinion, this is one of the most important parts of theatre, and one of the most overlooked areas as well. The most basic training techniques that are out there. It’s a lot of fun, although they don’t always realize how important warm-ups are. Meditative, too. Only if you’re serious about theatre? To be fair, most of them are there mostly to play and have fun.

Tomorrow I have the added bonus of PretendingICanTeachAWorkshop.  Okay, so it’s really no different from what I normally do, just more official sounding.  I have to admit that it will be nice to have 45 minutes to myself, to do whatever I want.  Oh good.

I’ll try to sneak in with another post soon, with some knitting and sewing details.  Here’s a taste:


Partially completed Africa/Travel skirt


The beginnings of something mysterious.  In fact…it’s Mystery Stole #3!!  I couldn’t stand to be left out, and even better it came out of the stash!!  That’s probably a first.

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