I finally got around to some of the blocking that has to be done around here.  Sarcelle and M~th have been sitting around, finished and neglected, and it was time to do something about it.



Much better.  I soaked them each for a respectable amount of time, then threaded blocking wires along the edges.  I’m not as careful as I should be about edges.  I usually check a few main points to see that they match up, but if the edges are uneven or scallop a little, so be it.  I’ve pinned them out with T-pins, which are difficult to lose and sufficiently sturdy so you can stretch the fabric.  I’ll leave them out overnight, although they’re mostly dry already.

How long does it take for laceweight to dry completely anyway?  It would depend on your fiber and the weight, but most of the time when I start blocking the shawl is half-dry by the time I get all the pins in.  Then there is the question of whether or not it is worth the effort to try and re-moisten the fabric.   It is nearly impossible, and increasing your wait time  because you mostly just end up soaking the surface underneath more than the shawl. Oh well.
I also took a trip to the fabric store today for a lining cotton, meaning that I can put together the first skirt as soon as the shop sample shawl is finished.

I’m a bit headache-y, so I’m not going to write a full-length post.  I feel a bit better after all the storms that rolled through today, but the humidity is still oppressive.  Anyway, I just want to finish the shawl and move onto other things!!

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  1. kayak woman Says:

    wish we had some of those storms here.

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