Yesterday I got up at 8:30, packed up the trusty Little Blue Honda, worked from 10-5:30 then jumped back into the Little Blue Honda for the six-hour drive to Grandmoom’s. It was really more like 6:15 before I got out of Ann Arbor, as I stopped for food and coffee.

It was a fairly uneventful drive, other than being loooong. The most “exciting” thing I saw during the sunlit part of the drive was a flaming car that had collided with the back of a semi. It was producing as much blackened smoke as a factory, although it looked like everyone involved in the accident was safe and uninjured. I’m not going to lie, I was gawking as much as everyone else who passed.

My bridge crossing was also strangely eventful. I got there around 11, so it was dark when I crossed. There was very little traffic at this time of night, but once I got past the suspension towers, I had to hurriedly speed to a halt. Why? SEAGULLS. Piles and piles and flocks and flocks of them, or so it seemed in the dark. They were landing to eat the (piles and piles and swarms and swarms of) bugs, then hopping around on their little webbed feet and squawking. I don’t think they see very well in the dark, because I had to creep forward to get them to move at all. Strange.

Finally, while I was driving through an empty construction zone in the final stretch, I had to turn on my windshield wipers because there were so many bugs around. They sounded like rain as they collided with my car. Disgusting.


Finally, I am here. It is without question the best place on earth.  Don’t bother trying to convince me otherwise.


Moom didn’t like the picture I took of her…


So I waited for her to do something completely ridiculous.  Like this: I took a picture of her taking a picture of herself with her computer on the beach.  Now, my suggestion for the next step would be to take a picture of her taking a picture of herself with her camera taking a picture of herself with her computer on the beach.  (Now I’m confused.)


She also gave the frog a basket hat.


Under which it happily took cover to completely slime her brush.


I sat on the beach quite happily and did nothing important at all. (I wish that I could blame the hairstyle on the beach, but in all honesty I spend most days with my hair unwashed and tangled all over.)


See?  Nothing important. The shawl is a shop sample, and the book is Taking On the World by Ellen MacArthur in which she retells the path that took her into sailing.  I really like doing nothing.

However, one thing I could do without is the dog slobber. We borrowed/rescued Ernie


and Alfred


for the duration.  I love them dearly, but Ernie has a tongue that he cannot keep to himself.  In less than 24 hours I have already contemplated sewing it into his mouth so he can’t lick me anymore.  Alfie doesn’t lick very often, but he does have a habit of peeing the floor in the night.


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  1. Dog Momster Says:

    As for me, I canNOT wait for Ernie kisses!! At least his kisses are *dry* and not slobbery (he actually seems to be *petting* his human…). And, you are correct that Alfie sort of makes an acknowledgement with his tongue, then insists you get back to scritching *him*.

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