The Fabric Gallery

I am very good at getting myself into trouble. Very, very good. It helps when I am unaware of Moom’s plans to foot the bill….


The patterned cotton on the left will be a skirt, and the yellow linen will be a top. I may use the linen as part of the skirt, and/or the print as part of the top.


A blurry close-up of the buttons, intended for the top.

I bought a second Japanese print that will probably also become a skirt. That is what I intended it for, but if I get really ambition I do have enough for a dress.


This was the first of the fabrics that I chose definitively, and I wanted it the moment I saw this:


Birds. They get me every time.

The Fabric Gallery is in a little town called Williamston, and it is arguably the best fabric store in Michigan. Most of the fiber-related people you talk to have at least heard of it.

I have trouble when I go in there, because I just want to buy all the silk. Today plain silk was not such a huge problem, but I did see an incredible linen/silk blend. It was very soft, with a nicer drape (in my humble opinion) than most of the silks *and* linens that I have ever seen. It seemed like it would not wrinkle easily because of the silk, yet the linen gave a necessary structure to balance the drape. *Wipes up a thread of drool*

I resisted. It was close, close thing.

There has been knitting progress as well!! I finished Sarcelle last Tuesday or Wednesday, one of the two.


This brings my total of unblocked shawls up to three. Embarrassing, isn’t it? Sarcelle, M~th, and Moom’s shawl (which still needs an edging. I know, I know.)

I have three socks on the go:


The feather and fan sock is the only one that has grown noticably. I actually ripped it out, started again on a US 2, and added purl ridges for every fourth row.


Now. I have been trying to make these socks for a few years now, so this is a great achievement. I had the worst pattern luck. Everything I tried pooled unattractively until this reincarnation. I can’t even tell you. (Socks That Rock in the Moss Agate colourway, although I’m not sure that they make this one anymore. I bought the yarn as part of their first shipment.)

Oh, and my reasons for not posting? Laziness. I’ve been riding my bike downtown every day to read in the coffee shop, and by the time I get home I’m too sleep to take pictures. I’ll try harder, I swear!

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  1. Pooh Says:


    Good to see a new post! Wonderful fabrics and socks. The agate sock is beautiful.

  2. Dog Momster Says:

    can’t wait to see your projects (and you, of course 😉 ) in person!!

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