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  1. Dogmom Says:

    Caught that same news bit through CNN last night…really freaky! Amazing, too, that the young man appeared unfazed by the whole ordeal O_O

    Saw an interview with him on GMA this morning before leaving for work, and he was totally collected about the Wild Ride and grateful his wheelchair was so quickly repaired!!

    Guess if you’re stuck on the front of a semi going 50 mph, as there’s nothing you can do to alter the outcome (whatever it may be) you may as well enjoy the ride for the moment!?!?!?!?!

  2. Pooh Says:

    Not quite in the same league as being on the front of a semi, but reminds me of another incident.

    We had gone to Mackinac Island, and Jane was young enough to be riding in a seat on the back of Harry’s bike. Harry had gone up the hill in the center and was coming back down to the beach road. He discovered that the brakes did not work! Harry is trying to figure out how he was going to stop without crashing into other tourists and/or the lake, AND save his favorite daughter. Finally he manages to coast to a stop. He gets off the bike a little shaky from all the adrenaline and turns around to Jane.

    She says, “Whee, let’s do it again, Daddy!!!”

  3. kayak woman Says:

    That daredevil Harry!!!

    And if that wheelchair story wasn’t crazy enough, there was a link from *that* story to a story about a person with green blood:


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