And the winner is…

Liz K!!

Whose address I already know, and whom I shall see next week.  Liz, I’m going to require that you come out to breakfast with me.  Fair enough?
I’m behind the times on both posting and homework.  Guess which must come first…I suppose I’ll try to finish everything for my classes before I give you pictures.

Thanks for the comments!!  I’ll let you know some of my favorite words in the next post.

5 Responses to “And the winner is…”

  1. lizard Says:

    If you’re going to be in town, then just save the postage. I’m excited to see you!

  2. Sam Says:

    Oh, darn. I got distracted and never added my submission(s)! And I was going to “yarn” about Radical Betty getting a whole group of us laughing hysterically over the word “girdle”—another time….

  3. Dog Momster Says:

    Radical Betty is a good one for *coining* words and/or finding new uses for old ones…

    Such as the “yellow doodly” that Jeff was using around his cabin at the beach a few years back…

  4. kayak woman Says:

    Hey Sam:

    Was that the same night as when she got out that old white feather hat? (and I won’t mention what else happened that night)

    Add yer submissions *anyway*. We’d all like to see them! I’ll buy the chocolate or maybe some whine would do, eh?

    Once again, KW and Sam (and Karen) hi-jack the Mousenest blahg! Bwa-ha-ha for old bags!!!

  5. Valdemort Says:

    “yellow doodly”

    Orange doodly!!!

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