One year (and a bit)

Wednesay the 23rd was my first “blogiversary”!! I did not forget, and in fact I almost posted about it. I started to write, but as I did so I thought about my purposes for creating a “nest” in the first place. I still maintain that my primary reason for keeping this blog is for my own unreasonable entertainment. However, there has to be more to it.

If it’s solely for my own enjoyment, why do I get so excited when people comment? And why do I check my blog stats every day to see how people find me, and how many people are reading?

I know that I’m not always great at communication. I am fairly shy, and I sometimes forget to respond to comments. It also comes with being a student; sometimes I don’t have time to keep up with all my blogs (even my own).

Okay, fine, everyone is right. Half of blogging is about the feedback and communication.

I suppose that means I have all the time in the world to improve. I hope this is not a pretentious attempt that overestimates my own popularity, resulting in a five-person inter-family response…

I have decided to hold a one-year blogiversary “contest”, as I have seen many others do. This will probably be more exciting to the knitters than the non-knitters, but all are eligible. It is very simple. Here is what you do:

1) Leave me a comment telling me your favorite word/words. Make sure that your e-mail address is included, so that I can contact you if you win!!

2) You have until Thursday at five to participate.

3) I shall choose a number at random, and the person whose comment matches up with that number is the winner. I’ll then e-mail that person to let them know that they’ve won, and ask for their mailing address (You must be within the continental US, because I am a poor college student. Sorry!).

That’s it! I am quite interested to see how many people participate, as I often forget that people might actually read what I am writing.

Oh, and by the way…here is the prize!!


Chocolate, and


Yarn! Kept in a smoke-free, pet-free, m~th free environment. It is Baby Twist, from the Alpaca With A Twist company. The color is pretty accurate. I love this yarn very very much, but it has been sitting around without a project idea for a very long time. I should not neglect it, so instead I’ll pass it on!!
Here is a close-up:


Each skein has 110 yarns yards. If a non-knitter happens to win, please let me know so that I can preserve yarn.

Alright!! Comment away…

19 Responses to “One year (and a bit)”

  1. Jax Says:


    I’ve always been a fan of “defenestrate”. There’s also a slightly vulgar Japanese expression I’m a huge fan of, damned if I can remember the romanization, but half of it refers to the vagina as a “sacred gate”.

  2. lizard Says:

    my favorite word is “minion” but my favorite phrase, on the other hand, happens to be “insubordinate minions!”

  3. sheep-a-leep Says:

    oblivion! home to oblivion…orchid. i love orchids and i think the name is perfectly fitting.
    happy blogiversary mousey!

  4. Cait Says:

    I hate to be cliché, but my favorite word is “orgasm.” I also like “cryptic” because it’s fun to say, and it’s the word that won me the 5th grade spelling bee. Happy blogiversary!

  5. Kelsey Says:

    “plethora” has always been my favorite. it’s so satisfying to say. 😀

  6. kayak woman Says:

    I disqualify myself from winning the contest if it comes to that because I’m Mouse’s Moom and I set up thishere blahg. But I’ll participate because it’s fun, so favorite words:

    crepuscular: mostly because when I finally learned the *real* definition, it didn’t even begin to match the way the word sounded.
    susurration: because it is central in my first memory, which happened when I was about six months old. Actually, I have an earlier memory but we’ll leave that for now. Uh, it isn’t a bad memory.

  7. Emma Says:

    Happy almost-blogiversary! I’ve always liked the word epiphany.

  8. Susie Says:

    I like the word “chipper” because it can mean you are happy but it makes me feel like I am about to be set upon by many small blades.
    Then I realize that this response is stupid and I start to feel chipper too.

  9. Pooh Says:

    A few of my favorite words, that come to mind right away:
    – Zephyr.
    – Biblioklept – b/c I am one. Though really, I’m more of biblioborrower.
    – Endoplasmic reticulum. I found out when teaching biology that this one is really fun to say. The ER is part of the cell – used to assemble proteins (rough ER) and transport materials around the cell (smooth ER).
    – Osculate – to kiss. One could try oscillating osculation, if you and the object of your desire were riding merry-go-round horses!
    – “Eschew obfuscation!” Falls in the category of “Do as I say, not as I do.”
    – “de gustibus non disputatem” Latin for “there’s no accounting for taste”
    – and for my sister, Jane, “phlegm”

    And a couple of words that I mispronounced until I was corrected.
    – magenta. Surely such an electric pink should be related to magnets and pronounced “mag-net-a”!
    – exacerbate. “Ex-scab-er-ate”, anyone? If you pick at your scabs, you will surely exacerbate the situation.

    And words that are not spelled anywhere near phonetically. Choir and PHONETICS! LOL

  10. kayak woman Says:

    Not to get off topic but: I mispronounced Chicago (chick-a-go, accent on the 1st syllable) for years and colonel was pronounced more or less phonetically in my head as I read “The Mighty Soo.” My Dear Uncle Harry (dear father of Pooh) has a wonderful story about reading the word “bastard” phonetically (with accent on the 2nd syllable) in a seagoing kind of novel and not realizing it was the same word as in the Bronx pronunciation he was familiar with, something like, “you bastid.”

    And then there was Jim, with his reglear nucular taggers. :-)

  11. Kati Says:

    Your mom stole my usual one: crepuscular. But for the record, I also like intuit, motif and skyscraper.

  12. Dog Momster Says:

    …then there’s the goofy one from the Hippie era: antidisestablishmentarianism – enjoyable more for the multiple syllables as for the double-negative as for the “WTF?” factor!

    Another of Jimbo’s (as a kid) was “doorknob”, as in “Don’t be such a doorknob!” (I guess, meaning: STOOOPID).

    Oh, yeah: “Veepervoomvomber”, croncrete, sur-cur, hukkapopper (ooops – off the subject with nicknames & little-kid pronunciations!!)

    My little bro’ used to razz me about my pronunciation of “probably”: prob’-bub-BLEE

  13. kayak woman Says:

    Is that how you spell sur-cur?

  14. Anne Says:

    Yeah, finally a contest I want to enter. I love the phrase bilateral fricative. I took some Welsh in college and that is the “technical” term for how to pronounce the double-L.

  15. Dog Momster Says:

    I dunno if “sur-cur” is spelled properly or not…especially since it was pronounced by those who couldn’t care less *how* it should be!!

  16. Pooh Says:

    “Bilateral fricative” I first heard it described as the technical term for a Bronx Cheer. LOL.
    I guess that means I’ve been mispronouncing Llanfairfechen. Not sure if the spelling is right, except the double L at the front.

  17. Liz Says:

    One of my faves is democratization. It’s one of the historical processes I study. In my notes I abbreviate it “demz,” which is even cooler.

  18. Fran Says:

    I have to add my favorite – MISLED – pronounced the way it’s spelled – mizled – the description of the general condition of the world today. ( with a long i).

    The use of a good blohg promotes blohg, blagg, blahg………………… infinitum…………

  19. Amanda Says:

    OH! there are so many to choose from… hrm. I know we’ve had long discussions about this, but the word the comes to mind is Shatter. say it. it’s so fun. i love it.

    oh, my computer died. ihave to get it fixed tomorrow. ack. i love you and miss you!!!! hurry up with school! come home early!!!! muah

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